About Us

Our service provides a day packed with educational and stimulating activities. Our educators strive to make learning fun and interactive.

Our kitchen prepares all the children’s meals; morning tea, lunch, late/afternoon tea. We provide all the children’s beverages.

A brilliant music program is run each Wednesday and Friday by the lovely Jaz and Bree.

Our trading hours are Monday to Friday from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Please feel free to call our Centre using the CALL BUTTON and make an appointment for your private tour.

Pleased to be serving the community for 23 years.

Our Philosophy

Oak Park Children’s Centre strives to create opportunities for children to be puzzled, ponder, explore, be provoked, to see the familiar in new ways and to see the unfamiliar in others.

We have an increased understanding of the rights of children and abilities of children, the richness of multiple points of view and the potential of the collaborative action on behalf and with of our society’s youngest citizens.

Our educators are not afraid to explore nor should they be afraid of encouraging children to take calculated risks.  We expand our interpretation of the role of educator to include educator as a learner, educator as a provocateur, educator as one who knows how to stimulate children’s thinking and educator as risk-taker, seeker of multiple points of view.

Oak Park Children’s Centre encourages the active inclusion of all parents, has a concern for each child as a whole and realizes the significance of play in the child’s understanding of the world.

We aim to be an inclusive Centre that respects all cultural backgrounds and caters for the individual needs of each child in a non-discriminatory manner.

The Centre also actively encourages the inclusion of each child with additional needs and requirements and works closely with them and their families to ensure that they receive a program rich in activities and resources as suited to each child’s specific needs.  We also seek support from other professionals that are available. In consultation with their families, we will seek support from professionals so that each child has the opportunity to meet their full potential.

Professionals are encouraged to work in collaborative partnership with families and educators in developing and implementing children’s individualized programs.   Educators are provided with opportunities to expand on their learning through attending regular in services and in-house seminars.

Educators are required to model programming using the Early Years Learning Framework using the practices and the outcomes provided in this document.

Centre Management will ensure, as per regulations set out by National Law, that the minimum ratio or higher qualified staff to children is maintained at all times.  Management, in conjunction with staff, children and families, will also endeavour to maintain a Quality Improvement Plan for the purposes of achieving High-Quality standards set out in the National Quality Standards.

This philosophy will be reviewed on an annual basis in consultation with all staff and families at the Centre.